The Best Mount Batur Sunrise Package Choices

The Mount Batur sunrise trekking price packages that we provide to you this year are varied. We adapt this to the various requests that arise during this pandemic season. We cannot deny that many tourists feel a little uncomfortable with the service system of all previous Mount Batur climbing tour providers. Some of them may feel hesitant to use our transportation services. A car with people whose health conditions are unclear can make tourists feel excessively afraid.

There are even some of them who want to pay the cost of the swab test or antigen test for our guide and driver for convenience reasons. Unfortunately, conditions like this put us in a bit of a dilemma. On the one hand, we need work to survive. However, on the other hand, carrying out tests before accompanying customers also makes our team afraid. They are afraid because, from the various information available, it is not uncommon for the test results to come out to be wrong.

Mount Batur Trekking Services amid COVID-19

Due to the pandemic conditions that have not yet ended and because we and the team certainly need income to continue living, we are now presenting various innovations. Of course, the innovations we make cannot be separated from the government’s recommendation to always prioritize health protocols. Therefore, we have created several new Mount Batur sunrise packages that we have adapted to the current conditions.

For pick-up and drop-off services, we first advise our guests to drive themselves and meet our guide at the climbing start point. You can also choose to stay at a hotel on one of the Mount Batur climbing routes. On the day of the tour, our guide will come to your place of stay and start the climb directly from there. This way, you don’t need to be in the same car as our driver.

Now, for local guides or guides on Mount Batur, we also require them to apply the 3 M’s.

  • The first is to wear a mask every time you take a break or when you arrive at the top. While climbing, we recommend that you take it off to avoid shortness of breath later.
  • The second is to maintain a safe distance. As much as possible, the guides will keep their distance from you if any of you feel uncomfortable being close to them.
  • Third, it is mandatory to wash your hands. We now require each of our guides to bring hand sanitizer and use it after every direct contact with guests. Likewise, our guests are required to bring their own.

Apart from these things, we also advise climbers to use hand slopes and the climbing poles that we provide. This is because the guides have limited ability to help if you feel a little difficult during the climb.

Latest Mount Batur Sunrise Package Options

Usually, we package all Mount Batur sunrise trekking packages, including pick-up and drop-off services. However, if you already have or rent your vehicle or perhaps stay overnight in Kintamani the night before, then you can choose from these 5 Mount Batur sunrise trekking package options! What are they? Check out the explanation below:

  • Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking Package for Domestic Only

This package is the one most often chosen by domestic or local tourists. Prices for this package start from Rp. 100,000 to Rp. 375,000 per person. This package includes an experienced private guide, an entrance ticket, and climbing equipment such as a head torch and poles.

  • Trekking Package with Breakfast at the Top of the Mountain

This package is almost the same as the first package. For this package, we also do not provide pick-up and drop-off services to and from your hotel. We also provide private guides, area entrance tickets, and climbing equipment. The difference is that in this package we have provided breakfast, drinking water, and coffee, which we serve when you arrive at the top.

Prices for this package start from Rp. 150,000 to Rp. 425,000 per person, depending on the number of participants.

  • Sunrise Trekking and Natural Hot Springs Package

This third package is quite popular. After completing the climb, you can enjoy a relaxing time in the natural hot spring “Batur Natural Hot Spring” for one to two hours. This is a great place to unwind after 4 to 5 hours of climbing.

What is included in this package is almost the same as the second package, plus it includes entrance tickets to the Batur Natural Hot Spring. You will also be provided with towels, soap, shampoo, and a locker to store your belongings while you shower.

The price for this package, if it does not include pick-up and drop-off services, is cheap, starting from Rp. 250,000 to Rp. 525,000 per person.

  • Sunrise Jeep Tour of Mount Batur

If you want to see the beauty of the sunrise from Mount Batur without climbing, then the Batur Jeep Tour is the right choice. By using a jeep, you can reach a height of more than 1500 meters above sea level. The view from this point is quite good, and you can even take the children along on this tour.

Prices for the Mount Batur sunrise jeep tour that we provide start from Rp. 200,000 to Rp. 500,000 per person, depending on the number of participants and the number of jeeps required.

  • Camping Package at the Peak of Mount Batur

So, this last package option is also quite interesting for you to try. Apart from being able to see the sunrise from the tent, you can also see the sunset shortly after arriving at the top of the mountain. This camping package is quite complete because we will provide various equipment you need, such as:

  • Tent, mattress, and blanket
  • Dinner and breakfast
  • Sufficient drinking water, tea, and coffee
  • Private guide, porter, and tickets

We package all of this in one package, which is certainly quite cheap if you calculate what you will get. By choosing this package, you also don’t need to pay hotel rental fees anymore. Then the price for packages without pick-up and drop-off starts at Rp. 340,000 to Rp. 950,000 per person.


There are many choices for Mount Batur sunrise trekking packages that you can try. Starting from climbing to see the sunrise, riding a jeep, and even camping at the top We created and packaged all the package options above without including pick-up and drop-off services. However, if you want to use the pick-up and drop-off service, we will also be happy to provide it for you and your family or friends.

If you have questions about the Mount Batur sunrise package, don’t hesitate to contact us via telephone or WhatsApp at the contact information provided. Be a wise tourist, send healthy greetings to all of us, and see you at Mount Batur.

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